European Conference for Public Communication - Join KHub and Steven Clift at EuroPCom 2015

I'll be participating on a special panel about Online Communities: More than a Comms Tactic at EuroPCom, the European Conference on Public Communication, in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of October, 2015.

The conference is free and here are some details:

EuroPCom 2015: 6th European Conference for Public Communication

The sixth edition of EuroPCom, the European Conference on Public Communication, will be held in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of October, 2015. Together, communication managers and senior experts from local, regional, national and European authorities will attend lectures, debates, and interactive workshops for a dynamic two-day program.


Join over 1,000 colleagues from all EU member states to discuss major challenges in both EU and public communication.
This year, the conference will be organized back-to-back with the annual meeting of more than 500 Europe Direct Information Centres, enabling EuroPCom to be more pervasive and encompassing in European communication than ever. 

There are three session formats, refer to these descriptions for the structure of each as indicated below the session titles:
 1. Workshops: The workshop sessions aim to bring communicators together on specific topics primarily linked to daily practices in local-level communications. The session layout will begin with the presentation of 2-3 practical case studies - incorporating an expert comment where appropriate - followed by an open discussion with participants.
2. Key note lectures: Keynote lectures will begin with a 30 minute lecture from a high-level expert on a strategic topic in EU/government communications, followed by a Q&A with participants.
3. Open sessions: Open sessions are designed to be interactive. They will follow the participatory methodologies where participants can define the agenda themselves (on a specific theme), share experiences and learn from each other. The Open sessions may be introduced/facilitated by a thematic expert who will frame the conversation.
Lots more from the conference website ...

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