Communications and engagement for Cornwall TCA

Reaching and engaging with as many people, VCSE sector organisations and commissioners as possible is vital to Cornwall TCA's success.

Creating a communications and engagement strategy was therefore an early priority for the project and you can read it here.

In summary, the main aim of the strategy is to collaborate as widely as possible, share our findings and experiences wherever we can, and listen and learn from people so that we really live the principles of co-production that are at the heart of the project.

I would never be able to achieve this by myself; it needs everyone involved in the project to be spreading the word and encouraging the debate. I'm pleased that so far over 50 people are involved in the project through the task and finish groups. The team has also been working hard to interview VCSE organisations; so far around 250 have had the opportunity to tell us their opinions and experiences. Penwith Community Development Trust have produced two excellent films for the information, advice and guidance task and finish group - the first of a series of case studies about accessing services from people's own point of view. And the task and finish group looking at the definition and role of 'infrastructure' support in the VCSE sector is busy co-producing what a future model might look like.

Knowledge Hub is one way we are trying to tell the story of our progress, what we are discovering and proposals for where the solutions may lie. I hope you enjoy reading the blog posts from the team and can see they're written from a personal perspective. This is not about trying to impose 'answers' - the task and finish groups working on these challenges would really welcome your input and challenge, so please take time to comment on Knowledge Hub if you can. Why not contribute a blog yourself? Email us at if you would be interested.

If there is a gap, I think it is that we are still not hearing loudly enough the voice of the people we are ultimately all working to support, and this is an area we need to focus more on.

There is a lot more detail in the communications and engagement strategy. If you have any feedback on it, please respond to this blog or get in touch with me direct. It is due to be reviewed by the steering group later in the year.

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