PHE resources support local action on health inequalities

Public Health England (PHE) has published a series of resources to help local authorities address health inequalities at local level. Resources include 4 new ‘Practice Resource’ papers and a series of written and video stories which encourage local action on health inequalities. They provide councils and local partners with evidence and examples of approaches that can be taken to reduce inequalities in their area. These documents explain factors contributing to inequality in public health and set out methods for local bodies to reduce them.

The Marmot Review (2010) made a range of recommendations to reduce health inequalities in England. Building on the Review Professor Sir Michael Marmot’s team at the UCL Institute of Health Equity, commissioned by PHE, has produced 4 Practice Resource papers which include evidence, and examples of practical action that can be taken at a local level to reduce health inequalities. They are designed for people working in local services, particularly:

  • directors of public health and public health teams
  • people working in local authorities services that may influence health and wellbeing, such as planning
  • health and wellbeing boards

They cover 4 topics:

These practice resources build on a series of papers published in 2014 to support local action on health inequalities.

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