Angry Bosses

Angry, aggressive, volatile, unpredictable bosses you’ve had one or may be you have one. The good news is they have had their day. The shouty, sweary boss is on the way out. It’s debatable whether it ever motivated staff more likely intimidated and inhibited, making them afraid to make a mistake. The angry boss is being replaced by the Nice Guy. This doesn’t mean that the new style boss never raises their voice or delivers a verbal kick up the backside just that they prefer a pat on the back, an arm round the shoulders, a quiet word in the ear, support and encouragement rather than criticism and  abuse. 

It’s a backlash against the bullying management culture. It’s a new generation of staff more willing to report this type of behaviour. It’s a general acceptance that shouting and swearing at staff is unacceptable. It’s not universal but in organisations that require some creativity, the ability to use initiative and the good will of staff then bosses are expected to demonstrate people management skills. The angry boss was typically a male boss, as more women make it into middle and senior management this aggressive management style is challenged by a less confrontational more subtle approach. But you would be mistaken if you thought this was any less demanding or that Nice Guys could not be ruthless when they needed to be.

Blair Mcpherson former Director, author and blogger 


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