Are you a Warrior or a Worrier?

There are many exciting films and books about great warriors their stories inspire us.

We admire the warrior, their bravery, their resourcefulness, their fighting spirit , their ability to overcome resistance and adversity. True they can be a bit aggressive, impetus, excitable and stubborn. Most of us would like to think we had a little bit of the Warrior in side of us. No one wants to be thought a push over or easily taken advantage of. We all like to think we are decisive and determined. 


Where do you think you come on the Warrior/Worrier scale ? 


Can you put past mistakes behind you?

Do you get nervous or excited before addressing a large gathering? 

Do you seek to impose your will or gain consensus? 

Do you have concerns about your role?

Do you find work stressful?  

Do you go over and over decisions wondering if you have done the right thing? 

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibility/tasks?

Are you concerned that people will  think you are not up to job? 

Would others describe you as ruthless? 

Do you think the end justifies the means?

Do you you think loyalty means not expressing dissent? 

Blair Mcpherson 

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