Big Bang Data Exhibition - Somerset House, London

Big Bang Data - an exhibition of data-driven artworks

03 December 2015 - 28 February 2016
Embankment Galleries, Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 0RN
A major exhibition of diverse, dynamic, data-driven artworks and objects to demystify the world of data. Artists, designers and innovators show how the data explosion is transforming our world.
This winter, Somerset House will present Big Bang Data, the UK’s first major exhibition exploring the big data explosion that is radically transforming society, culture and politics in the 21st century. Across the globe, we see and hear more and more stories about the exponential growth of data and its associated advantages and dangers. We are aware that today people generate data on a daily basis, through mobile telephones, social media and online transactions. In 2009, we produced the same quantity of data as in the entire history of humanity up to that point. By 2012, it was estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day. The world contains an unimaginably vast amount of digital information which is getting ever bigger ever more quickly.

What does data look like? Loads of 1s and 0s floating through the ether? A mass of serpentine cables? A nice-looking cat? The answer, as presented by Somerset House’s epically informative Big Bang Data exhibition, is all three. It can be difficult to conceptualise data, especially when we’re bombarded with so much of it day-to-day. The immersive and interactive artworks on display here offer it to us in more relatable, tactile, feline forms.

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