The Journey




Before continuing, let me just point out that I have published the essence of this blog posting in the forums.  I did so as part of my #HNY2016 messages, but I felt it important to expand on what I write.  Here goes (and apologies for the dearth of blog entries in 2015.  It seemed I was always too busy!

I said 2015 was a year of ups and downs, but Digital Leaders contributed a great deal by being both a source of reality as well as a source of vision.  A great friend of mine for many years, Stephen Heppell (Prof) coined a phrase a few years ago that has resonated with me over time and again.

"Feet on the ground, eyes on the horizon"

I have always understood the importance of being both aware of the here and now, but that the exciting part of the journey towards a more effective, efficient, creative, inclusive and productive world that always sits just beyond that horizon...  I will add a cautionary point however.  Check for land mines.  Land mines are challenges set by others that are destructive and sometimes easily missed in haste.

The challenges are always there...some we see, some we plan towards and some we trip over (or set off) en route.  

Digital transformation is just part of the journey we are all part of - and (other than the digital tag), part of progress we can either embrace or sit out - but that will sweep us along regardless.

My resolution for 2016 resides here...somewhere. 

Pure pragmatism can't imagine a bold future. 

Pure idealism can't get anything done. 

It is the delicate blend of both that drives innovation.  


I don't know about you, but I have always tried to walk the paragmatic and idealistic line with care not to appear polarised or too opinionated, backing up what I know with evidence to prove points I make.  I fear sometimes that is exactly what others do not want to hear, but there is no getting away from the need to be willingly open and transparent.


Let's lead and moving attitudes, proving our claims, understanding others positions...but...very importantly, let's celebrate the successes

Check the tag...everyone has one.


Happy NewYear.  smiley



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