2016 The Force Awkens

Is the Force still with us? Who is The Dark Lord ? Where is Luke Skywalker? Is the private sector the ultimate weapon of destruction, the Death Star. 

The Force is sheer will power, determination and single mindedness. A Jedi uses the Force to do good by being on the side of the weak, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The preferred  weapon  of the Jedi social worker is the, "assessment". In the hands of a skilled practitioner it can cut through layers of bureaucracy, penetrate to the heart of the matter and give the individual a fighting chance of getting what they need.
Jedi do not just fight for their own clients, they march, they organise the resistance, they pull together Tory councillors, nurses, teachers and former miners in a common cause. They use social media to rally the opposition. They join with academics to counter the propaganda.

The rebells, drawn from disillusioned public sector workers, the voluntary sector and those as yet uncorrupted from the not for profit sector, are disbursed and demoralised.

Originally the Empire now the First Order is in control almost every where and is ruthless. It's a classic battle of good v evil.

As a former social worker I am reluctant to label any one evil after all we now know Darth Vaguer was from a single parent family, separated from his mother at an early age, brought up in a cult and despite his many gifts he was unable to prevent his mothers murder for which he blamed himself. But the methods of the Empire and now the First Order, bedroom tax, attack on benefits, and savage cuts to public sector budgets are cruel and have resulted in food banks, increased homelessness, misery and premature death.

Harsh new eligibility criteria are imposed breading resentment and a sense of injustice. 
The First Order's stormtroopers are every where, we are all being monitored, dissent is seen as disloyalty and is dealt with ruthlessly. The First Order shows no mercy. 

Many have gone over to the dark side seduced by promotion, status, a corner office and their own parking spot.

But even as the latest round of budget cuts is announced, more services are outsourced and children's centres are closed,The Force Awakens. 
Blair McPherson former Jedi social worker and Director, author and blogger www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

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John Rudkin 5 Years Ago
It is time to weed out those who do not use the "Force"... because the alternative is frankly unthinkable (and all too common). The danger strips away common sense, creates obscurity, hides truth and costs billions keeping the universe out of balance; it is unfair, it distorts reality and it destroys logic. It is: "The Farce" ... Let's make 2016 the year "The Force" beats "The Farce"!