Monthly data on delayed transfers of care in LG Inform

The LGA’s Research and Information team has compiled a range of helpful data on delayed transfers of care to support councils in understanding the latest situation locally. The reports allow you to look at data nationally, by council or region and compare this to other councils and regions.

The data is taken from the monthly statistics on delayed transfers of care published by NHS England. These are drawn from the Monthly Situation Report which collects data on the number of patients delayed on the last Thursday of each month and the total delayed days during the month for all patients delayed throughout the month. This collection includes data shown by the Local Authority that is responsible for each patient delayed, and split by the agency responsible for delay (NHS, Social Services or both), type of care that the patient receives (acute or non-acute) and reason for delay. This data is available to view and compare in LG Inform.

This summary report highlights some of the key measures for delayed transfers of care, focusing on your selected local authority or region. Included in the report are links to all the measures taken from this data source. Using the links provided you can view an ‘in detail’ report for a single measure, allowing you to compare your local authority with selected others over time.

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