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The Spring Chicken campaign was started two years ago because it was found that the products and services that helped older people live better, fitter and happier lives were difficult to find, dispiriting and generally sad.

"We have spent the last two years trying to solve the tangible problems that come with getting older, but when we did this survey we discovered a much more fundamental truth: It is not just how we deal with getting older but how we, as a nation, think about it that matters. This campaign aims to change the mindset that people – of all ages – have about ageing.

What we have discovered is that only 5% of people over 65 think of themselves as old and nearly half want to live to 100. Sure, when people get older, there are some things that start to work less well, but for every one of these there are ten things that are just as good as ever. On average people think of themselves as 25 years younger than they are and almost half of people over 65 feel happier than they ever have before. These are amazing numbers. They show that getting older is something that brings real rewards, that more than half of older people want to try new things – travel, sky-diving and rock climbing were all examples we found.

We also worked with Sir Muir Gray, 70, and author of Antidote to Ageing and former NHS Chief of Knowledge to find out how to maximise the chance of staying a spring chicken. The body of medical research shows that with the right blend of attitude and fitness, the effects of ageing do not really take hold until you are into your 90’s. This means that we can really live fully productive and fun lives for decades longer than most of us think."

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