Caped crusader - by Rebecca Smith

Ha! That's the world we work in... don't think outside of the box, "use the darn box!" Local government DIY. Another gem of a story by Rebecca Smith. Enjoy.


Caped Crusader - Rebecca Smith

So I’m going along through the forest – usual route; same trees, grass, rocks.
Having become emboldened due to the fact I forgot my sandwiches,
I’m heading off-piste. Sometimes you gotta take risks and, yes, it can be scary, but the end results can be surprising.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not daft. I haven’t met this wolf character (big eyes and teeth apparently) and things could get ugly. But honestly, what are the options? Take the chance that we won’t be wolfed down for dinner?

I reckon that if enough of us forge new paths through the forest we can shave some serious time off the journey. Not only that more routes = more options = less being eaten.

It’s like this girl in my class – Rapunzel (home-schooled for a while). She got fed up and said, “Tell you what. Let’s cut the hair, weave it into a big fat rope and then I can get out. Anyone who wants to climb up can knock themselves out.”

My family are, er, financially constrained and it can be hard seeing all the shiny new toys and not touching. However, like the spoilt brat next door (Goldilocks only child) with all the Barbies, she never fully appreciates them; will never know the absolute joy of finding a bargain or a freebie. We, however, make ‘horses’ out of dogs and castles on the stairs.

The Hood motto? Think really creatively and not outside the box for goodness sake. Use the darn box. Use the tape, staples, labels and tear it apart to make sure every single scrap of it finds purpose.

We do stuff better than anyone because we have to. Need is king, queen and knave in our house. It’s like shopaholics anonymous (except not, er, anonymous). Yes, I want it, but do I really need it? If I really do need it, what’s the best value for money for everyone in our extended family? Can others use it too and can it grow with us? Like hand-me-down capes. I know a lot about those...


Rebecca Smith works in Comms at Buckinghamshire County Council

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John Rudkin 5 Years Ago - Edited
Rebecca has created a very imaginative world that anyone can picture - and many will smile. I love it. I look at the whole thing slightly differently, but derives from my own Design background. I leap out of the box, but I have been bitten. Timing is everything. What I like to do is re-engineer the box - its dimensions, its volume... Yes, there is a limit on how far you can make it reach, how high you can reconfigure it and have it remain stable, but you can do it with effort and intelligence (that's me out then!). The problem will not be just the "hooded", but the blinkered. Can we re-educate them? We need to do it. Storytelling has always proven to be a powerful means. (In light of the season - The 'Creped' Crusader)