Co-production across Cornwall

Much to my surprise, I was asked to write a blog post by the Cornwall TCA team to introduce the recent film we have produced with the support of social enterprise Learn to Lead about the developments in Co-production across young people’s work and social care. Part of my role as Engagement and Co-production Officer is to share the learning from these experiences.

It is about the passion, belief and evidence that has gone into working together (Co-production) in Cornwall, which has made services for young people and individuals supported by social care services better. The film covers several projects and has input from key individuals including young people, project workers, Cllr Andrew Wallis (the lead council member for Young People) and council staff. I know there can be bad feeling about the word co-production because of overuse, misuse and misunderstanding, but let’s not ignore a great idea just because we're fed up with a word.

Simply put, we can improve services by working together, everyone equally taking responsibility for services with benefits for all. We are aware some things have worked better than others, and that we don’t know everything and need to keep developing and learning as we go, but why not think big? Why not believe that working together with individuals involved in services, community groups, families, providers from the voluntary and private sectors including charities, GPs, care homes, local enterprises and businesses, as well as local authority and NHS health providers, we can make really excellent services for everyone in Cornwall?

Don't believe? Watch the video below and see it will inspire you too!


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Donna Peverley 6 Years Ago
Hi Colin this is great it really shows that power of co-production done well and owned by the commuity themselves. We need to take on board the next step to use this experience and knowledge to help communites commission and deliver the services themselves.
colin blandford 6 Years ago in reply to Donna Peverley .
Hi Donna, Thank you for your comment, I'm glad the video achieved it's aim and presents the positive effect that co-production can have. I look forward to working accross H&SC commisioning and the council to supoort developing the next steps to developing this work and am always keen to work with anyone wanting to make this happen.