Is anyone going to say sorry?

As local authorities bring back in house services that were outsourced, as yet another chief executive says we can get better value for money in house and another council leader says this gives us more control and will save us money, does anyone else think isn't that's what they said about outsourcing ? It may not be the same chief executive who told us that this was the only way we could deliver our budget savings, that we were "standing on a burning platform", that all the "low hanging fruit had been picked". It definitely isn't the same leader of the council who promised to "reduce council tax , improve services and have a more efficient council by outsourcing everything". And what of the treasure who went along with these big deals despite the concerns of the accountants who cautioned that the claims for saving were probably exaggerated. What happened to the operational managers  who expressed their doubts about the subsequent quality of services and the difficulties of accountability, did they take early retirement? Do you remember how dismissive the politicians were of the trade unions objections or the fear that the only way private companies could make a profit was to reduce wages, introduce zero hour contracts and find ways round the minimum wage? May be some one should be saying sorry! 

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