International Women’s Day 2016

To mark International Women’s Day today, we are delighted to announce that the Scottish Women in Public Service Leadership Network (WiPSL) is launching its Knowledge Hub Group. We would encourage you to register to join the group at  The usefulness and effectiveness of the group will be dependent on each of us making a contribution and connecting with each other, so please start posting and sharing as soon as you sign up.

The WiPSL Knowledge Hub group will enable you to connect with others in leadership positions in Scottish public services. Whilst the primary audience of WiPSL is women in leadership positions across public services in Scotland, the working group is keen to ensure that it is not exclusive and men working in leadership positions in Scottish public services are also encouraged to join the network.  Please help us spread the word and share the Knowledge Hub link across your organisation and networks.

Once registered, you will be able to access, and share details of existing networks that are designed to support those in leadership roles, development opportunities and events. You will also be able to generate, and contribute to, topical discussions as well as seek advice from colleagues on pertinent issues.   

We have set up a ‘Questions, Offers and Wants’ area on the Knowledge Hub group. If you have any questions about WiPSL please post them here and we’ll get back to you.  Also, if you’re able to make an offer to network members (e.g. to invite them to an event you are running or to provide a shadowing or buddying opportunity) or you would like to make an ask of network members (e.g. to request a mentoring, shadowing or buddying opportunity) then please post your offer or ask here.  

You will also be able to access the minutes from the WiPSL cross-sector working group, so you can see what we’re discussing and how we’re progressing the development of the network.  Again, please use the K Hub group to tell us what you’d like from the network and how you can personally contribute.

If you are new to using the Knowledge Hub, we have created a number of quick guides to get you started, which can be accessed on the group’s home page.  

We hope that you find the Network, and our Knowledge Hub group, a useful vehicle for networking and support.  Please follow us on Twitter, and join in the conversation @WiPSL

If you’ve any questions or issues accessing the WiPSL Knowledge Hub group please contact me.

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