Healthy Living Pharmacies data now available in LG Inform and LG Inform Plus

Data sourced from an internal survey of pharmacies by Public Health England to determine their Healthy Living accreditation status is now available on LG Inform and LG Inform Plus.

The locations of all English Healthy Living Pharmacies, and those in the process of Healthy Living accreditation, can now be mapped in LG Inform Plus. Subscribers can map at a range of geographies including at the authority level, CCG level and England-wide, and break the area down by smaller areas such as wards, MSOAs or LSOAs. Other amenities available for mapping include all pharmacies, GP surgeries, dental surgeries and care homes. You can read more about the benefits of subscription to LG Inform Plus here.

The data is also available as metrics in LG Inform, representing the number of Healthy Living Pharmacies per 10,000 population and Pharmacies in the process of Healthy Living accreditation per 10,000 population. All users can view the data for any local authority area and a chosen comparison group. Registered users of LG Inform can create charts, maps and tables using this data, as well as full reports combining other related metrics from the vast array available on the system.

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