Webinar: Influencing Change - Strategically

Please see below for details of a Change Managers Network webinar on Wednesday 23rd March which will be delivered by Colin Gautrey, an expert on power and influence who will talk about stakeholder management and influence in change projects. You can see some of Colin’s work here (www.learntoinfluence.com/blogroll<http://www.learntoinfluence.com/blogroll>).  If you are unable to attend this session but would still like to receive details of the recording then please register to be included in post webinar mailing lists.


Influencing Change - Strategically

Join us for a webinar on Mar 23, 2016 at 10:30 AM GMT.

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Speaker: Colin Gautrey, Gautrey Group

If you’re like millions of other senior managers, when it comes to your projects and initiatives, you have plenty of motivation, enthusiasm and passion for making things happen. You are set to change the world and make everything far more effective.

Trouble is, not everyone thinks like you do. Stakeholders have different agendas (priorities), they have their own pet projects and yours – well that can wait. Sure, they say all the right things at all the right meetings, but somehow, they never seem to follow through.

In this short webinar, Colin Gautrey (an expert on power and influence) will share his insights on how to survive and thrive in the political world of work. He will share with you some very practical frameworks, models and processes that you can use straight away to begin to make more progress. In particular, he will share with you his:

• Influential Leadership Framework: This helps to contextualise your purpose and make sure you focus on today, and tomorrow.
• Stakeholder Influence Process: Which will keep you focused on what matters most and ensure you keep asking the questions that will move you forward.
• Relationship Based Stakeholder Mapping Model: This tried and tested approach is a very simple way to prioritise who you need to be engaging with, and who you can move away from.
• Political Analysis Checklist: Essential intelligence gathering to make sure that you know how best to pitch things to your key stakeholders.

In combination, these will help you to move forward with greater confidence, speed and clarity. It will also show you how you can do this without losing your sense of integrity.

Colin has over 10 years’ experience of working with people to become more influential, to handle complex and political environment and ultimately, landing successful initiatives, including within the NHS in Scotland. So, the Q&A session at the end of the presentation should be fascinating.

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