Career Myths

That after the big post the next move is the big LA. 
That being forced out of one LA means you won't be welcome in another. 
That playing the political card and echoing the views of the leader will increase your survival chances.

The big Mets and the large county councils tend to dominate their regions but this just means you have more enemies than allies.  Some senior managers jump before they are pushed, but when you live by results sooner or later they are going to go against you. Saying the right thing won't save you if the performance dips, if the budget won't stretch and if you ask the board for one thing and are given another. 

I liked Raffael Benitez description of working with a board " I asked for a sofa and they gave me a lamp". You can have a winning strategy and the skill to deliver it but if the board likes to tinker with the detail and go for more eye catching ,vote winning ,popular options you're playing with your hands tied.

The board doesn't just want results it wants popularity, your brief is no longer just to win but win in style.
Blair McPherson former local authority director 

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