Better use of data consultation

The Cabinet Office has published a consultation about enabling information sharing between public authorities to improve the lives of citizens and support decisions on the economy and society. The consultation document and accompanying illustrative clauses and consultation stage impact assessments can be found at:

The LGA welcomes views from local authorities on any one of themes and sub areas below by 6 April to enable us to prepare a response for submission on 22 April 2016. Please, e-mail or join the discussion on Knowledge hub conversation here.

The following three themes are included:

Improving public services

i.allowing public authorities to share personal data in specific contexts to improve the welfare of a specific person

ii.Providing assistance to citizens living in fuel poverty

iii.enabling public authorities to access to civil registration data (births, deaths and marriages)

Addressing fraud and debt

  1. Combating fraud against the public sector through faster and simpler access to data
  2. Improving access to data to enable better management of debt owed to the public sector

Allowing use of data for research and official statistics

  1. Access to data which must be linked and de-identified using defined processes for research purposes
  2. Access by UK Statistics Authority to identified data for the purpose of producing official statistics and research


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