Line of Duty

In every organisation there are those who cross the line. Whether it is fiddling their expenses, accessing porn on their work computer, “ inflating ” their performance figures or influencing who  wins a contract. If misconduct is suspected who will investigate? 

A new series of Line of duty has started. AC 12 are once again investigating corrupt police officers. They are the police who investigate the police. They are not popular with your average officer . They are smart, they have to be. Their experience as police officers means they know how things work, they know the temptations, the short cuts and the difference between bending the rules and breaking them. Most significantly -they know what questions to ask. 


Who performs this role in your organisation? Do you have a specialist team who investigate allegations of gross misconduct or do senior management nominate a a different suitably experienced manager on each occasion? Chances are the investigating officer(s) will be paired up with someone from HR for advice on the type of evidence necessary to successfully take an individual to a formal disciplinary hearing. 


HR have expertise from advising chairs at disciplinary hearings, they know that unlike a court of law management do not need to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt but merely on the balance of probability it is reasonable to assume the individual’s guilt. HR are also there to ensure the organisations own policies and procedures are adhered to. There is nothing more frustrating or embarrassing than to dismiss an employee only to have an Employment Tribunal award them compensation for wrongful dismissal because the organisation failed to follow its own disciplinary procedures. 


In this respect HR are the AC 12 of most organisations, investigating allegations of misconduct, identify the abuse of power and uncovering the lies without of course the guns, violence and car chases.


Blair Mcpherson former Director, author and blogger 



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