Am I talking to a real person?

and how can I tell?

In the film Blade Runner you could not tell who was human and who was AI by looking at them. Those who hunted down rouge androids had to devise a series of questions to expose one who was trying to pass them selves off as human. The interview aimed to test their emotional reaction. In one such interview after a series of questions the Android gives himself away by failing to have an emotional reaction to the suggestion of eating dog. So when you “talk” to customer services how do you know whether your talking to a real person and does it matter? You don’t and yes it does unless you think coustomer care can be reduced to a scripted response. 


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Paul Whiffen 1 Year Ago

I once rang a cinema chain to be answered by a robot thing, I wanted to know what was on at the local cinema which was in Reading.

It asked me my local cinema so I said "Reading" slowly, loudly and distinctly.

It replied by asking me, "Did you say "Bishop's Stortford?" At that point I hung up. 


More seriously, you raise a very key point. Its also getting to the point where soon AI will make it appear as if people are appearing on screens and we won't know whether it's them or not. This has scary consequences.