1. President's introduction

It is a  great pleasure and an honour to present this first Newsletter during my Presidency.  It is our ambition to inform members of our National Associations about the activities of our European association and about the hot items on European level.

We invite everybody to subscribe this Newsletter. At least three times a year we want to send you this bulletin  with the idea of increasing its frequency  to six a year or even more.

It is UDITE’s ambition to organise several initiatives where knowledge and experience can be shared about local government: management, leadership, digitalisation, HR, risk management, good governance, service delivery, relationship management – politics, and much more.  Are there other items that you would like to explore and discuss?

UDITE wants to deliver this this in close cooperation with all our national association and partners. One of our strategic partners,  Primo Europe, a sister organisation to UDITE, was created to focus on the topic of risk management as a part of good governance.

VEOLIA, our principle business partner has significant experience in the field of circular economy, resilience, air quality, waste management, and smart cities etc. They have built up experience with projects all over Europe which can be of an inspiration for local managers.

Our partnership at Green Week 2019 is an important one where the theme this year is the good implementation of EU environment legislation on which local government plays a vital role in implementation and ensuring compliance. The point we are making on our UDITE VEOLIA stand this year, where we are one of only 15 exclusive displays this year (from 13th to 17th May in Brussels),  that we can only do this effectively with the right capacity, skills and resources that need to accompany policy implementation. (Read more - https://www.eugreenweek.eu ).

This newsletter is also a call for cooperation and commitment. Thanks to the input of the associations and their individual members, the aims and objectives of sharing experience and knowledge can be realised.

Take a look at the 2019 event calendar.


Paul Gatt
UDITE President

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