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OneTeamGov is run by a group of volunteers who have a shared passion for making a difference. One of the events we will be running is the Wellbeing Camp on 6 June in Leeds OneTeamGov Wellbeing

Gail Peck  is co-leading on the attendee experience for Wellbeing Camp, and has written here to tell us more about the day, with support from  Debbie  and  Sam  to publish.

Introducing Gail

I currently work for HM Revenue & Customs leading lead Team Chaffinch, the team responsible for developing and implementing the award winning A-Z to Better Wellbeing Toolkit (AZ2BW), a one stop digital resource that makes wellbeing fun, informative and accessible for all.

My passion for wellbeing started with my own personal journey. Wellbeing became important to me when I moved to the UK having lived and worked in the Philippines, Middle East, Arizona and Florida. I found that Bikram Yoga helped me to counteract the gloomy British weather, and that badminton and my new passion running also help.

Why One Team Gov?

On 6 June One Team Gov will be hosting its first ever Wellbeing Camp, a 1 day event for public servants including Civil Servants, NHS, and Local Government, amongst many others.

The aim of the day is simple: to offer a safe space to take time out from your schedule and spend a day thinking about your wellbeing.

You can find out more here and sign up:

OneTeamGov Wellbeing
One Team Government is a community of people who are passionate about building better public services to improve…

I attended one of the OneTeamGov breakfasts in London and the principle Be Diverse and Inclusive really chimed with me. I got involved with organising the Camp to share my experience in wellbeing with a wider audience; to meet and make connections with the existing OneTeamGov community and to try and spread the messages of OneTeamGov and wellbeing more widely.

The theme of the event is inclusion. Everything from the venue to the activities to the catering has been thoughtfully considered; we have tried our very best to ensure we can cater for everyone.

If you are currently starting your wellbeing journey, discovering what wellbeing means to you or you would just like to find out more, this is a unique opportunity to hear from those working in the area, and to pick up some tips and advice.

How did we design the event?

We looked at this very much from the attendees’ point of view, trying to put ourselves in your shoes. So our main considerations have been to create a space that is:

  1. Welcoming

The theme of the event is inclusion. We will offer a smile and a hello when you arrive, an easy registration process, somewhere to put your things, and a clear explanation of what’s happening next.

A friendly hello!

2. Safe

We’d like everyone to feel that they can contribute on the day so our aim is to offer a safe space to discuss wellbeing through our Conversations Cafe and networking.

Its important that people feel able to be themselves and meet other people on an equal footing, we will be using the One Team Gov Code of Conduct and reinforcing it.

Code of conduct - OneTeamGov
Harassment includes offensive comments, unwelcome photography or recording, sustained disruption and inappropriate…

There will also be lots of volunteers available to speak to on the day, we want to encourage people to let us know how we are doing, so please speak to any of the organisers if there’s something you want to tell us or to help with.

3. Fun

We’d like everyone to enjoy the day. We’ve tried to cater for a wide range of interests, and we want the day to be interactive, informative and fun.

We will be offering a range of activities across the day including mindful colouring, digital wellbeing and yoga sponsored by Civil Service Sports Council, and hope that there will be something to suit everyone.

4. Engaging, Energising and Invigorating

We would like everyone to have chance to contribute and take away something valuable from the day. If you have a particular wellbeing question, issue or would like some guidance on a particular topic, we will ask you to write it down and peg it on our wellbeing washing line.

The way this works is attendees have the opportunity to share their Wellbeing issues, questions and topics and if other attendees can help or signpost in any way, they can leave a comment or contact details on the person’s card for them to take away.

Some examples might be:

· I’d like to connect with other wellbeing champions in the North East

· I’d like to set up a choir for my department

· I’d like to host a mini sports day for our team

· I’d like to learn more about being an ally

By sharing the problem, question or topic, we can hopefully help everyone to find some possible solutions on the day, or a group of like minded individuals to work with to create practical action.

5. Relaxing

We know events can be full on, and that sometimes you just need to take some time out. We will be providing a Quiet Space to let you rest, relax and recharge with some optional mindful colouring in and wellbeing quizzes.

6. Informative

Author and Coach Natasha Wallace, will be joining us to share her thoughts about wellbeing and inclusion from her upcoming book “The Conscious Effect”.

The lovely Suzie Barnes will be joining us and helping attendees to start brilliant conversations around wellbeing through her Conversation Café.

The team from Fresh Air Fridays will be helping us find our calm in a busy world.

7. Sustainable

We want to share experiences, good practice, inspiration and innovation, and help people walk away with new knowledge to take back into their personal lives and their workplace. Be it experience, fond memory, or inspiration to share good practice with family, friends and colleagues.

I hope that the event we’ve created is all of these things are more. Join us for this exciting event and see where the day takes you.

I cannot stress enough the importance of wellbeing and spending time looking after yourself. It is not being selfish. It is impossible to care for others with pure generosity, seeking nothing in return, if you have not first met the needs of your own body, mind and soul.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Book your place here:

OneTeamGov Wellbeing
One Team Government is a community of people who are passionate about building better public services to improve…

If you would like to feature as a guest blogger before or following the event, please get in touch

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