National Mental Health Intelligence Network - Launch of Crisis Care Data Catalogue

The National Mental Health Intelligence Network have announced the launch of the mental health crisis care data catalogue

This work has been delivered as part of a sector-wide drive towards using data to support the commissioning and delivery of effective mental health crisis care. The data catalogue lists the current and coming metrics and datasets relevant to mental health crisis care that the NMHIN is currently aware of, and rates them according to their availability.  It also includes links to the data sources and details the geography at which the data are published. 

It can be used by commissioners, policy makers, planners, service providers and advocacy groups to:

  • identify available data on crisis care, to inform their work to ensure there are effective mental health crisis care services in England

  • highlight the gaps in crisis care data and information, which can drive discussion and action to ensure more data can be made available 

  • support the planning and implementation of local Crisis Care Concordat action plans, a key part of the national Crisis Care Concordat Programme 

The data catalogue is also informing the development of a Fingertips crisis care profiling tool, which will be launched online in the summer of 2016. 

The data catalogue will be developed and improved, and future versions will include more data on crisis care as this becomes available. NHMIN are seeking feedback on the data catalogue so that it can improve and meet user needs as much as possible.  A feedback form is available on the website, or alternatively please contact with comments and suggestions. 

The crisis care data catalogue can be found here(please enable macros to activate the search functionality in the ‘data taxonomy’ tab)

If you would like to receive further information or training in the use of any of the network’s tools please contact

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