How do you recognise a good employer?

About a year ago my son started a new job and it’s gone really well. My nephew was recently looking for a new job and I told him there were vacancies where my son works.  I explained that I didn’t know the detail of the work but the company was a good employer. Well what exactly does that mean he said. I told him that he would get holiday and sickness pay, that my son had a good experience of the companies induction programme and that he had benefited from a bonus system that rewarded good work. That there was no compulsory over time and there were enhanced payments should he on the odd occasion be asked to work an evening or a Saturday.  Unlike some of his previous jobs management seemed to trust him and his colleagues to get on and do the work. 

As I was saying this it occurred to me that it was a very sad state of affairs that what once would have been standard practise in Local Authorities was in the age of zero contracts and “three strikes and you’re out”, consider the exception amongst employers. 

Blair Mcpherson former Director, author and blogger 

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