The glass Ceiling and the Cliff Edge

You have heard of the glass ceiling but are you aware of the cliff edge ? The glass ceiling is that invisible barrier to promotion. The expression was originally coined to explain why women found it so difficult to progress to senior management post but could equally be used to explain the absence of women and men from minority ethnic groups. The cliff edge is where a woman or some one from a minority group is appointed in the expectation that anyone who took up the post was likely to fail in a career ending way. This is a self fulfilling philosophy for those who claim a woman just has not got what it takes to deliver at this level or that it’s the inevitable result of the politically correct approach which prompts people to achieve equal opportunity targets. To which the response is Equality will be when an incompetent women can reach the same level as an incompetent man.

Blair Mcpherson Author of An Elephant in the Room -an equality and diversity training manual published by 

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