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Episode IV : A New Hope

A long, long time ago, in a meeting room far away, someone decided that the ALERC website needed at least a face lift.  The website has already gone through several iterations over the years and but to be fair, looking at the slightly basic and awkwardly organised website we previously had, it was a good decision.  A new one has now been completed and I hope you are enjoying it.  It should be simpler and enable users to more quickly access the parts they need.  For those of you looking for specific documents, many of those have migrated to the Knowledge Hub library.  More of that later.

The design of the new website is not arbitrary.  Having conducted a review of the users of the old website and how their needs can be met better , various designs were looked at, until finally we settled on one. It is hoped that this will achieve the following:

  • Direct consultants (a large groups of ALERC website users) straight to what they will find useful
  • Highlight examples of the great work LERCs can do
  • Reorganise documents and make them easier to find.

This last one is particularly important to members as it means that documents you might want to access could have moved.  All internal ALERC documents are now in the Knowledge Hub library, where you can search for them, whilst publications for external consumption are retained on the website publications page.  The Knowledge Hub library can be found on the ribbon that contains the various parts that comprise our Knowledge Hub group (see illustration). 

The library is organised along similar lines to the various places documents were stored on the old website.  The best thing about it though is that there is a search box, so if you are not sure where to find the document you want, you can search for terms that will find it.

Continual Improvement

Please have a look round the new website and let me know if you see anything that needs correcting.  Any help with this will be appreciated greatly.  We are very appreciative of the help Katharine, formerly of GiGL, and the directors have already given us.

Tom Hunt

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