New survey reveals key hurdles to digital transformation (infographic)

In a recent survey, a staggering 1 in 3 says their organisation has no unified digital strategy. What are the key hurdles the public sector faces in achieving digital transformation?

It is two years since the Digital by Default Service Standard came into effect. Since then we've come to understand that digital transformation isn't just about delivering online services but about the way an organisation thinks, operates and subsequently relates to citizens. User experience ought to drive development and result in the benefits we all want: greater efficiency, innovation and cost savings. The recently published Local Government Digital Service Standard clearly indicates further progress towards that goal.

How successful has the public sector been in achieving digital transformation?

A new national survey received over 200 responses, half of which came from local government. From top ranking goals to most challenging hurdles, the results reveal the most common pain points but also some striking differences in what progress the public sector as a whole is making towards digital transformation.


Digital Transformation: Public Sector Survey 2016


Full analysis and whitepaper coming soon. Visit for more free resources and stories of digital transformation.

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Former Member 6 Years Ago
Legacy systems could be much less of a problem if we start to look at low-code wrappers for them that end users could dedign and tweak themselves. These can be used to develop user interfaces for both internal and external users. In Camden we have 'thumb friendly' apps on mobile phones for site staff - developed and tweaked very quickly using low code tools, by non-programmers. Need to comply with usability and other standards, obviously.
Former Member 6 Years Ago
Are we missing an obvious one ? A very significant hurdle is the skills shortage and lack of diversity in the workforce. Digital Strategies should all include workforce strategies to increase the number and diversity of the talent pool. Otherwise innovation will slow in all sectors and the public sector will be worst affected - because we cannot pay premium rates. We will all be chasing a very limited pool of candidates soon.