Appointing a winner is no guarantee of success.

It's generally assumed that if you appoint the right person success will follow. This assumption arises out of the tendency to look at successful organisations and attribute success to leadership. It is true that successful organisations are all well led but it doesn't follow that the right leader will guaranty success. 

Why does a managers enjoy considerable success in one place but failures in another? It's clearly not just about their leadership skill. Ask a chief executive and they will say it's about having the resources to match the ambition and the appetite for the fight. Ask a politician and they will say it's events. The unanticipated things that happen that throw an organisation off course. 
May be it was the right leader but the wrong  organisation . It's not unknown for an organisation to recognise it needs a radical shake up , appoint a leader with a track record of doing just that and then fail to support them. This happens when an organisation is divided on how radical the changes should be or when they want radical change but don't want conflict. 

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