Will intelligent machines ever replace me

We have been warned. Some very cleaver people like professor Steven Hawkins have told us that in the near future artificial intelligence will result in machines that can think. What will happen to us humans when machines are not only stronger and quicker but also smarter than us?
Will intelligent machines ever replace public sector workers? 
Some predict a life of extended leisure or enforced idleness as machines free us from work. Others paint a scenario where intelligent machines see organic life forms as inefficient, obstructive and redundant. 
What a turn around it would be if the task of assessing an individual's needs and eligibility were taken over by an intelligent machine whilst washing, dressing, feeding and toileting were the reserve of a human carer and therefore of greater value and better rewarded.

An intelligent computer could ask the right questions to complete a tick box assessment. 
One of the tests for artificial intelligence is that you are not able to tell you are talking to a machine. The friendly voice would be given a name, Darren or Kathryn.
Darren and Kathryn are very good listeners and totally non judgmental. And you could chose from a range of personalities from formal professional to overly friendly and well intentioned.
It's not hard to see why intelligent machines might be attractive to employers.
Machines don't object to hot desking , working 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
Machines don't help themselves to other peoples milk or refuse to speak to that awful woman in admin.
Machines don't take  lunch breaks or need to go to the toilet, they don't want holidays, they don't get sick , they don't access porn on their work computer but best of all they don't need to feel valued and don't  expect to be paid!
 On the plus side there won't be any need for senior managers because there their will be no workers to reorganise! 
Blair McPherson former director http://www.blairmcpherson.co.uk/ 

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