LG Inform local benchmarking – Q1 opens today!

LG Inform local benchmarking – Q1 opens today!

LG Inform has a local benchmarking club, it currently allows users to upload provisional data for eight metrics. Quarter 1 upload window opens today. Local authorities that already provide data will be sent a link today.

If you are not part of the benchmarking club but would like more information please let us know.

Background and links

In 2014/15 in response to demand from the sector, the Local Government Association began to collect a small basket of indicators which authorities felt were not being covered, either in a timely manner or at all, by existing statistics. The East Midlands region started the ball rolling by suggesting a basket of voluntary local metrics, and we then consulted with all LG Inform users on the suggested metrics to gauge demand and agree definitions. These metrics covered waste collection, sickness absence and complaints, this has since grown to include fly tipping and website visitor statistics in response to user demand.

This is a strictly voluntary process and the ambition is to, where appropriate, start to reduce the sector’s reliance on nationally published data either through collecting new data items that more closely meet council’s needs or providing more timely access to existing data on a provisional basis by collecting data in-year, for example on a quarterly basis.

We have had great success over the past two years with over 160 councils participating.  The Q4 2015/16 results are now live in LG Inform and available to view through a custom summary report here: click here to access the report. The most recent data is only available to registered local authority users of LG Inform, so please sign in to view the report.

We are now accepting data for Q1 2016/17 uploads. The upload process is designed to be very quick and easy, and involves simply entering your authority’s figures into an online form.  Please e-mail lginform@local.gov.uk to get your unique link or for any additional details.

Please visit the webpage for information about the indicators and upload process, and to see how to suggest additional metrics for future quarters: http://lginform.local.gov.uk/about-lg-inform/benchmarking-local-data-lg-inform

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