The voice of reason

I had a good friend who played in the same football team as me. In the changing room and later during the post -mortum in the pub when we would all agree that their third game changing goal was miles off side and that we should have had at least six dead cert penalties  he would point out the weaknesses in our argument and offer the view that the referee was not only eagle eyed but even handed. The voice of reason is not always welcome and some times is not appropriate. 

Sometimes team bonding requires that you put aside the evenhanded , detached, rational view and just agree, “we was robbed”. Or in management speak we were harshly dealt with compared to other organisation in similar circumstances.  There would appear to be a lack of consistency on behalf of referees/ inspectors.

Sometimes the ability to see both sides is unhelpful. Call it loyalty, call it support, its part of being one of us. 

As a leadership tactic, “ it’s us against the rest of the world” can be very effective. 
However most of what goes wrong in institutions/organisations is down to misplaced loyalty or when the unofficial leadership demands this type of unquestioning support. 

If going along with the majority means going against your professional values or involves perpetrating an injustice then you need to decide what matters most to you acceptance by your colleagues or being true to your self. Of course losing the support and trust of your colleagues could ultimately mean you lose your your job!

Blair Mcpherson former Director. Author and blogger

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