Dry stone walling

Can a leader take a group of misfits and make them into a strong, effective unit, a sort of "Dirty Dozen" only not by focusing their aggression but channelling their independence of thought. More like the characters in The Big Bang Theory. The approach has been referred to as Dry Stone Walling.  

Take irregular shaped individuals the ones who don't fit into the organisations neat breeze block structures and fit them together like building a dry stone wall. It's what they do in the creative industries but not what we do in the public sector. Austerity has made us less tolerant of those who don't fit in. But if everyone is the same with the same experiences the same values, the same outlook on life then there is no challenge, no different perspective, no new ideas, a less creative environment. Diversity is good for creativity and creativity is essential in finding new ways of delivering services. 

Blair McPherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk

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