Why register with LG Inform?

LG Inform will be three years old this Sunday and we have a well-established and every growing user group. All local authorities now have registered users but we have many users who just use the open public sections of the site to access data.

So why register, by registering you can access many more tools and options on the site and all you need is a .gov.uk email address.

Registered users of LG Inform benefit from the following additional options on the site, not open to public users

  • Personalising your own home pages to see data you are interested in
  • Creating your own reports from the over 3,000 metrics held in the system
  • Sharing your reports as live embedded reports on your website
  • Sharing live links to your reports through social media channels
  • Creating sharing groups through LG Inform of other users either in your authority or across authority boundaries
  • Sharing your own reports with other users of the site
  • Take part in the local benchmarking club – inputting provisional data and viewing this through the site, more details here

Other more advanced benefits of being a registered user of LG Inform include

  • Upload your logo and others to use in your reports
  • Choose areas of interest to narrow down the metrics shown in search and reports, to areas that are just of interest to you
  • Create your own comparison group, if you work with a specific group of authorities you can create a comparison group with them in to use in reports you build
  • Link to your favourite report from your home page for quick and easy access

Registering for LG inform also means you can get a monthly newsletter telling you about any updates to the software, new functionality, training events among other updates. You can get this by ticking the “Send me occasional updates via email” when you register. Or if you are already registered you can go back into your preferences and tick the same box. Examples of past newsletters can be found here

So are you interested? then register here, a couple of fields to fill in and you can benefit from all the additional functionality.

Any questions or comments please let me know. If you are new to LG Inform we have a training session coming soon in Wirral and also one in London, drop me an e-mail if you want more details when a date is confirmed.

Thanks Alex

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