Canal & River Trust days out for kids

Ditch the screens and get outdoors!

The impact of computer games on our children’s development is an ongoing debate – as is the effect of adults being stuck to our smart phones all weekend… But there’s no doubt that obsessive behaviour in any area of life is a cause for concern, and certainly a habit that needs to be broken occasionally. It might feel as though we visit the great outdoors less than we used to in the good old days, before consoles and Instagram. But it offers the kind of real-life adventure and exploration that you can’t get from a screen, and it’s a place where the whole family can share the fun.

The world outside the front door is both playground and classroom. Reports have shown that children use up to five times as many words when they play outside, compared to indoor activities. It’s also shown to improve concentration and short-term memory, and reduce stress. And no parent needs a study to tell them that it’s the place where children can become their most creative and inventive. Nature is inspiring and educational, which is great for children and parents alike. And it’s why the Canal & River Trust is encouraging more families to spend the wonderful, long days of the summer discovering the joys of simply going outside.The Trust has hundreds of wonderful waterside places to visit where lasting memories are made. Feeding the ducks or just watching the boats is a great way to spend time by the water with your youngsters. Best of all, a trip to one of their canals or rivers doesn't have to cost you a penny. So what are you waiting for?

The summer holidays are the perfect time to break with routine and get outside for a whole new type of adventure – with your FREE copy of the Canal & River Trust’s What shall we do today? guide you can start planning some family time in the great outdoors.

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