GoodSAM saves its first life

GoodSAM is a smartphone app that alerts first-aiders to nearby medical emergencies. Last month NESTA had confirmation that, for the first time, GoodSAM has helped to save a life. See more here.

Through the Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund, Nesta and the Cabinet Office have supported the London Ambulance Service to integrate GoodSAM into their 999 systems. This means that, if a 999 call is made for a suspected cardiac arrest in London, nearby GoodSAM registered first-aiders are automatically alerted.

Nesta and the Cabinet Office are also helping the North West Ambulance Service and the East Midlands Ambulance Service integrate GoodSAM into their 999 systems. Both of these trusts should be live before the end of the year. And through the Accelerating Ideas fund, Nesta and the Big Lottery Fund are helping GoodSAM to scale nationwide.

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