Tinsel, trends and sparkling searches...

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…..  enough of all that. Everyone loves something new and we have a few new prezzies for you on Knowledge Hub.

Let’s start with the new ‘trends’ tab you can find on your homepage when you log in.

What will you find in ‘trends’?

Trending topics – you’ll be able to see the most popular topics being discussed and shared across your groups highlighted in a tag cloud. The bigger the topic, the more it’s currently being discussed!

Recent searches – see the topics and keywords other members are searching for across the Knowledge Hub in real-time (via the global search at the top right corner). Maybe someone has been searching for something you’re interested in too.

Suggested groups – consider joining some new groups. Knowledge Hub recommends groups that might be of interest to you and your role based on your profile, the groups you’re already a member of and your connections. 

Suggested connections - connect with people who have similar interests to you. Knowledge Hub recommends people you might like to connect with, based on your profile, the groups you’re a member of and the people you’re already connected to.

What’s new in search?

We’ve done quite a bit of work to improve the global search facility this year (via the search icon located at the top right corner). When you start to enter a search term, you’ll notice some auto-suggested terms and keywords to help you identify related content and activity. 

You might have also spotted three additional search features we’ve introduced:

1. Filter by content types - after entering a search term in the global search, you will have the option to break down the search results further by different content types. You can filter by one or more content type to help you refine your search results. Please note, the results will be based on content that you have permission to access only.

2. Filter by tags - your search request will also break down the search results by tags that have been added to content and activity. You can select one or more tags to help you refine your search results further. Again, the results will be based on content and activity that you have permission to access only.

3. More results in groups you’re not a member of - there maybe search results within other groups you’re not a member of. If this is the case, your search results will provide the option to view a list of groups that you might be interested in joining, because they contain relevant search results. You can join/request to join these groups to find out more. 

We hope you find these improvements helpful. Don’t forget, if you have any queries about using Knowledge Hub and getting the most out of your membership, please visit our help pages or get in touch with us by emailing support@khub.net.  

Wishing all of our members a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to another year of successful collaboration!

Best wishes from all at Knowledge Hub. 

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