A grown up conversation

Have you noticed the frequency with which commentators are urging us to have a " Grown Up " conversation ? We are informed that we need to have a  grown up conversation about immigration, that we should have a grown up conversation about , pensions, the NHS , nuclear power, Trident submarines, fracking, climate change, in fact anything big and controversial. By grown up it is intended that the debate should be conducted with out exaggeration, misrepresentation, use of stereotypes, name calling, playing on people fears or appealing to their prejudices but a rational look at the pros and cons. The message is let's take it out of the play ground.
Seems a bit unfair on the kids to me.

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Martin Gardner 4 Years Ago
The problem with the use of perjorative language such as 'grown up' is that those who define what is or is not 'grown up' will often be the same as those that throw their toys out of the pram if you disagree with their point of view, and then immediately accuse you of being the naïve / childish / argumentative one. A case in point - every single member of both sides of the recent Brexit farce.