Gavin and Stacy

Banning offensive words whatever the context is counter productive

Taking words out of context and simply banning them as offensive does not take forward the battle for greater awareness and sensitivity in the cause of equality and diversity. If you were in any doubt then just look at the complaints the BBC have revived over the Christmas special of Gavin and Stacy. These complaints are about a lyric in a song two  of the characters sing at a Karaoke evening. The song A Fairy Tail of New York is one of the top ten most popular Christmas songs and featured frequently on Radio 2 play list over the festive period. The song includes two people trading insults and one of the homophobic words used has resulted in complaints. It’s good that people recognise that this word ( notice I am studiously not using it because if I do complaints may have the offending sentence or even the whole piece removed) is offensive but banning its use in any context is counter productive.


Blair Mcpherson 

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