Rogue Monkey

The power of creative destruction 

“ If you want to change things you sometimes have to disrupt things.” Dame Sue Campbell Director of Women’s Football at the FA. (Apparently referred to by some in the FA as Rogue Monkey!).

Pull it all down and build a new one. We can put in a new kitchen, we can remodel the bathroom, we can knock down a wall to have an open plan ground floor, we can add a conservatory or creat an extra bedroom in the loft. But there comes a point when we simply need to move house rather than spend all this money, time and effort trying to adapt a property that not longer meets our wants and needs. 

Starting again and building something specifically designed to do the job makes sense when the old structure is no longer fit for purpose. Of course this will be controversial as there will be those who disagree that it is no longer good enough to do the job whilst accepting some updating and modernising is necessary. They will protests that the proposals risk throwing the baby out with the bath water. 

Blair Mcpherson former Director , author and blogger 

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