The 7 Mindsets for Leading in a Digital Age

Leading in a digital age requires us to navigate 7 different mindsets as leaders

Super excited about our 2020 version of our “Digital Age Leadership” profiling tool. Now in it’s 6th year, 12th release & well over 1,000 profiles globally! 

The clarity of what digital age leadership looks like still needs more clarity. That begings with more recognition and investment in leadership development to balance with the priority and investment we are making in digital transformation and the hope that it will shift our corporate & government cultures as well as deliver better product and service to our end users & society.

A leader in this digital age has to navigate 7 different mindsets. Understanding where they are to ensure they can navigate where they want to be. The 7 mindsets of digital age leadership are:

  1. Digital Native Mindset
  2. Experimental Mindset
  3. Networked Mindset
  4. Transparent Mindset
  5. Data Mindful
  6. Future Orientated Mindset
  7. Human Centred Mindset

If you are senior or emerging leader, an entrepreneur or a digital change agent like a project manager, OD/HR specialist, designer, change manager, executive coach or mentor it would be great to share your stories and experiences of these mindsets at play and how they can enable and drive digital transformation through active/adaptive leadership.

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 Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: The 7 Mindsets of Leading in a Digital Age. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.Leading in a digital age requires us to navigate 7 different mindsets as leaders. When we are able to evidence these 7 mindset we are able to unlock our full potential as leaders, but also have the confidence and competence to lean in, be early adopters and role models of modern behaviours. Culture shifts by looking up - and when we trust and believe what we see and experience we move en masse. Digital Transformation success is unlocked when leaders are supported in their understanding and development of these 7 critical mindset shifts for a digital age. Mel Ross will take us through these mindset shifts and help understand how we can individually, and for others start to make that shift and start a movement.   


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