The Mad Hatter's tea party

It was a large table set for many places. The mad hatter and the March hare sat together. Alice went to sit down. The mad hatter and the March hare shouted,"no room". Alice said " don' t be ridiculous there is plenty of room". The mad hatter looked at his watch and shouted "tea time, all move round". Alice asked , "what time is tea time?" To which they replied in unison," it's always tea time" . "But why do we have to move asked Alice?" "Because there is no time to wash the dishes" , piped up the door the mouse who had been asleep in the tea pot. 
Choice and flexibility mean it's always tea time. Rather than a small table that has to be cleared, and relayed it is more efficient to have a large table with many places and simply move round. However this does mean all the places are already allocated so there is,"no room". 

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