Turning a Blind Eye to DSE Eye-Strain ?

Presenteeism and Carrying-on Regardless of Self-Harming ?

Employers still expediently dodging the DSE Operators bullet of presenteeism and "carrying-on regardless" of eye-strain, Computer Vision Syndrome or Screen Fatigue now declared a Global Pandemic by WHO scaled as a repetitive stress injuries ICD-10 H53 < H54, " Asthenopia" or monocular 2D lazy-eye suppression adaptations to relieve binocular stress of sustaining 3D convergence on the near and/or close-up sub-optimal DSE ergonomics.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C1jmwGIsGQ&list=PLezLOQBs0kcn1kCE3A_Jr5eShBiLu3kKy&index=5&t=45s

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Steve Renow 2 Months Ago

How do you "fix" a lazy eye?