Social Responsibility & Environmental Care

In an economy where social and responsibility and environmental care are more important than ever, it is up to us, the people, to make sure they are in fact kept in mind. It’s easy to avoid these and it’s easier to forget about them.

However, without taking the proper action, then we are ultimately only harming ourselves. Proper action needs to be carried out, by the common person, in order to help sustain a liveable future.

Below are some instances that you may have been informed of before, but have unwittingly been forgotten, and how you can help both yourself and the economy and reduce your carbon footprint.


Something that can often fall by the wayside with drivers, is just how much they’re actually driving. Now, driving obviously won’t be the only thing you’re doing that is contributing to your carbon footprint, but it’s likely the biggest contributor.

Using public transport where and when possible is one way of reducing your footprint as instead of, for example, 50 people using their cars in the morning to get to work, all 50 of those people can get a bus, which will genuinely make a difference to your footprint.

If you want to understand this more you can use this carbon footprint calculator to work out what you’re using.


Another very important step in the social responsibility and environmental care process is recycling, and, again, is something that tends to be low down in many people’s priorities.

Plastic, glass and paper can all be recycled, yet, they all tend to be quite prominent in your standard trash pile. Recycling helps prevent harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases from being released. It also cuts down on energy usage, as products made from raw materials requires much more energy than it does making them from recycled materials.

You can find out more about the importance of recycling and see which ways you are currently affecting the environment, and how you can change these to make a difference.

Energy Usage

As mentioned above, the less energy usage there is, the better for everyone. It’s something that everyone should actively be progressing towards. And, as a bonus, if done properly, you will also end up saving yourself money as a result of the changes you make.

At home will be the place where you use most of your energy, so what changes can you make there? There are too many to list here, but there are multiple improvements you can make to your home to save you money, and reduce your energy usage.

Some changes are small, some are more noticeable, but, the most noticeable thing will be the changes on the environment and the economy. Many argue that one person can’t make a difference, and in the grand scheme of things, this is true. However, if everyone has this attitude, then nothing is going to change. It’s only when we all adopt the same attitude and drive that we will see the changes that we need to make in our lives.

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