A Tiger Team

We hacked the system to show how vulnerable it was to hackers. We broke into the gallery and removed the priceless art work to show how weak the security was. We inserted an operative to show how easy it was to infiltrate the organisation. 

A Tiger Team is set up to test ones own defences. A bit more aggressive than a mystery shopper or unannounced inspection /audit but with the same aim, these can be equally as embarrassing for management. 

The individual commissioning the Tiger Team usually has their own agenda in other words they want the team to successfully expose weaknesses. Whilst claiming that this information will be used to improve and address previously unrecognised vulnerability,  in reality this is a power grab, a way of discrediting a rival and advancing ones own career.  

Blair Mcpherson www.blairmcpherson.co.uk 

Security level: Public

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