Toughest ever Person Specification 

Cambridge seeks wizard for chief executive in city of magic

Statement by leader of the council in intro to top job advert. First sentence. 

What skill, wizardry and determined delivery could you add to iconic Cambridge, our international city of considerable magic? 

I don’t think they are looking for a former graduate of Hogwarts. Maybe it’s the wizardry that football correspondents refer to when describing a player capable of mazy runs full of trickery, deceptions  and quick feet. I can’t imagine they mean the type of Disney magic where the chief executive simply waves their magic wand but maybe they mean the Las Vagas type of magic. The kind that can make things, even big things, disappear. Of course in Vegas they don’t refer to themselves as wizards or magicians but illusionists. What they do is not real magic but an illusion. Come to think of it I do know a few chief executive who have this skill. 


Blair Mcpherson former Director , author and blogger 

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