Free analysis tools and training from the MAX project team - making best use of the Adult Social Care and Carers surveys

Additional training webinars being hosted on the 2nd December

The Adult Social Care and Carers surveys collect robust data on the outcomes of individuals in receipt of social-care services and support. The government encourages local authorities to use this data to inform local performance improvement activities but recent evidence collected during the MAX project indicates that many organisations are struggling to translate the survey data into meaningful management information.

The MAX toolkit has been developed in response to feedback provided by139 staff from 95 local authorities and can help analysts within your organisation to:

  • Conduct focused and useful analysis;
  • Calculate the impact of social-care services on SCRQoL;
  • Maximise the local relevance and value of survey data and existing resources, and
  • Produce targeted and meaningful reports of analysis findings.

Additional training webinars are being hosted on the 2nd December to support local authority staff to use the elements of the MAX toolkit and conduct particular types of analysis in Excel. The MAX toolkit and training webinars are both free and further information can be found here and on the project website

Please circulate this information to the relevant colleagues within your networks and feel free to get in touch with the MAX Project Team if you have any questions or require further information.

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