A failure of leadership

The Virgin take over of health and adult social services in Bath has received little media coverage. This is a hugely significant  development. As a former director I am very disappointed but not surprised by the absence of any comment or statement from the association  of directors of adult social services. I can not believe directors of adult social services don't have a view on a for profit company taking over the services they are responsible for. The adass has long adopted a strategy of not criticising government policy in public believing it can influence more effectively behind the scenes. When challenged on the ineffectiveness of the approach as evidenced by brutal cuts, the undervaluing of social work and the push to privatisation the response is it would have been far worse if it were not working with ministers behind closed doors. Was their silence about the privatisation of adult social services in Bath another example of keeping quiet for fear of offending a government? This is a failure of leadership.

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Clive Hinchcliffe 3 Years Ago
The UK has lead a EU wide charge by the right wing to Privatise Public services. Yet following a recent program on TV it would seem that some L.A.s have reached the conclusion (quite rightly) that services are best provided in-house where costs and service quality can be closely controlled for the benefit of citizens.