Carers getting about

I am a carer for my elderly parents.  I live in Medway and they live in Coxheath.  They rely on me for shopping and medication.  As I can't get a delivery slots online at the moment, shopping means going to Tesco on a Friday.  I also have to sort out my Dad's medication box each weekend for the coming week.


I have a Medway Carer's card so that if something happens to me or I'm taken ill, they can contact them to get the details of my partner and who I care for.


My question is, in the current situation, I can still get to a fro a couple of times a week but is their something I can put in my car to confirm all of this ?  I have the card and I am carrying medical letters for both parents if I were to be stopped


Having contacted Medway Council, they suggested contacting PHE as its a government restriction and not a Council one, does anyone from PHE know the answer ??

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