Mansplaining comes from combining the words “man” and “explaining”, and refers to situations where a person (typically a man) explains something to someone else (typically a woman), often in a condescending way and frequently disregarding  the greater experience of the person they are talking to. Someone who attempts to impose their views assuming they have a greater knowledge and understanding, when in reality their knowledge is superficial and understanding limited. The speaker's assumption that they know better is often based on their position/ status not their experience or knowledge. The politician who tells GPs how to run their surgeries more efficiently or tells headteachers how to manage discipline in their schools. The manager who takes it upon themselves to explain the best way to deal with awkward customers to a group of front line staff, the person from head office who describes the benefits of a new system to those who actually use it. The chief executive of a Housing Association who addresses a group of volunteers  working with the homeless on the risks run by rough sleepers. 
The director who dismisses as "exaggerated"  the risk of violence to their staff who undertake home visits. 

The white man who talks about what it feels like to suffer discrimination. 

In local government it's often a senior manager and therefore a man. 

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