Digital Leapfrog?

I'm not sure whether anyone has picked up on this news?  

By the end of 2016, roughly one in four IBM employees will use a Macintosh computer. The tech giant, which employs 400,000 people, bought and provisioned 90,000 Macs since it started to support Apple laptops in June 2015. It expects to have at least 100,000 Macs deployed by 2017.

It is not really news, in as much as I have talked about it for over 24months now, but I do wonder if the information has really dropped on CIOs and Chief executives desks.  My experience (from working in the public Sector) was that if people simply don't want those who matter to know, they will do whatever they can to deflect or belittle the information.

Every Mac IBM purchases for its workforce saves the company between $273 and $543, depending on the model, versus the total cost of ownership of comparable PCs during a four-year lifespan, according to IBM. The upfront cost per Mac is typically higher than a PC, but the residual value for Macs is higher in the long term, the company says.

The bottom line here comes from IBM.  What they are saying is staggering, and what they are doing is changing the culture of the organisation and the way it works with its custmers (and internally).

Here is the latest article I have found - and it is in the CIO Magazine (great!).

This is about @Digital Transformation, but where usually organisations will say that @Digital Transformation is not about cost saving, the truth is that any gains will be very valuable!  Come on, no matter what people write, cost saving is in there...  I urge every Chief executive and CIO to look and ask the right questions.  I used to work for a NW Council (Blackpool).  I convinced the Chief Executive at the time that he could achieve more with a 'different' way of thinking.  He became an Apple User, we converted some corporate departments (Architects), and Education, teachers and schools picked up on the advice.  Funnily enough, it wasn't cost that they were convinced by - but accessibility, ease of use, lower support costs, better security, self-reliance...  These things are what makes Digital Transformation should be all about.  It is about making a difference.   I'd love to show you...

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